Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I got an iphone a few months ago, my first smart phone. My first introduction to hand-held twitter and video games. Oh my goodness: those angry, angry birds. I cannot put it down. And, whether it's from being slightly far-sighted and squinting at the screen, or from making my concentratey face (basically the same thing) I have developed a nice new deep vertical wrinkle between my eyebrows.

So I either need to start wearing low-slung sweat bands every day or get a new haircut with bangs, right?

The other day, I'm trying it out in the mirror: taking the front section of my hair and twisting it under at eye level and then tucking it behind my ear. Practice bangs. I get it looking about right and then go out to my computer to take a picture of myself with photo booth. Because I will need to look at it for a few days to see if I like it.

I remember really regretting it the last time I had bangs, like fifteen years ago, but I can't quite remember why and I don't have any pictures to remind me. Maybe it's because of my wicked cowlick that will give me mall claw bangs no matter how much I try to mash them down.

Anyway, as I'm walking through the house to my desk, Lucas sees me and his eyes light up.

"Mom! You look beautiful! Just like [Eric's ex-wife]."



  1. HA! Perhaps not the best plan then.

    I have a cowlick at the front of my head too, and it makes bangs a huge pain my ass. I wonder if it is genetic, and if so, who we can blame for it.

  2. If you didn't have the cowlick you could do bangs or not...a Cowlick makes bangs tricky. From what I remember last summer, you look nice without bangs. There's my two cents worth.

    ~Angela Rice

  3. You look like a doll with faux bangs. A doll as in real cute. A head-turner. As for Lucas's comment, it ain't half as bad as him pointing out that I'm shorter than his dad, as if I were a "hobbin."

  4. "Mall claw bangs" = hilarious.

  5. I wish I could have a choice between bangs or no bangs. I gotta have bangs. If you're winging 'em with the cowlick, it's all good. :-)


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