Monday, March 14, 2011


Substances I like to dip saltines in:

1. chocolate frosting
2. applesauce
3. tuna fish
4. soup
5. peanut butter & jelly
6. banana pudding

*not (generally) at the same time.


  1. For some reason I cannot look away from this photo of the crackers.
    At first glance I mistook them for some sort of flat pillow that you picked up in the deep bowels of a labyrinth like street bazzar in some hot dusty country.
    But then I looked with sharpened eyes (my glasses) and realized they were saltines.
    I love saltines and I actually use them to scoop tuna too!

  2. mmmm... Makes me think of really spicy tomato soup.

  3. I picked them in the bowels of a hot, dusty Super Target.

    mmmmm. Or Chili. Add Chili to the list.

  4. Mmmm... my FAVORITE after school snack was always saltine crackers smothered in butter. Damn, all of a sudden I feel like watching Starblazers...


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