Friday, October 15, 2010

Pixie Cut

In case anyone out there is wondering why my pretty little girl's hair is so short, I'll tell ya. It's not that she's emulating any celebrity children by wanting to be a boy, although she is surrounded by them (boys, not celebrity children) and does lean toward tomboy. And it's certainly not me imposing my own fashion sense.

She is her own stubborn little self, and since she was tiny, she's been a hair puller. First mine, and then once she was mobile, her own. She pulls out a few little blond hairs and holds them up to her nose while she sucks her thumb. Her doctor keeps telling me that it's no big deal, and when she stops sucking her thumb, she will stop pulling out her hair. Meanwhile (at least up until a few months ago) half of her head is completely bald. So I keep what's left cut short, to discourage the pulling and simply to even it out.

Here's her last winter with her brother- she looked like a cancer patient, and old ladies in the grocery store were always tsk-tsking and saying, "Oh, bless her poor little heart."

We were at the pharmacy once and she was bouncing around in the cart, begging me for some crap toy, and when I responded with a firm "No", the lady behind us in line gave me the stink eye, and I could hear her thinking, "You heartless bitch, how can you deny your poor dying little girl a simple toy?"

And I hope she could hear me thinking back "Can it, lady, I'm not buying chemo meds here, I'm refilling my birth control pills"

Here's her this summer, looking more punk rock than cancer patient.


And here she is with her cousin  Clara, looking all elfin and adorable. 
And I gotta say, I'm going to miss this look when she finally lets her hair grow out.  


  1. Do you ever read Hyperbole and a Half? The cancer patient thing reminded me of this:

    Also, Merry and Clara are two of the most adorable little girls I've ever seen. I hope mine grows up to be that cute.

  2. Yes, I read that one. Luckily Merry's too young to realize that she could play this up to manipulate the adults around her.
    And they are very cute kids, as I'm sure yours will be too, it's genetic - lets just hope they don't all grow up to have Buchner noses.

  3. Oh please oh please let there be a photo of a full on baby mohawk!

  4. She usually rocks the comb-over. But I do have one of her with a pretty convincing faux-hawk.

  5. My sister was a hair puller and my mom did crazy comb over type hair dos with her coif all the time.

    Now she has the most incredible long thick hair...go figure.

  6. So there's hope for her yet. Thanks.

  7. Dude, this is so Runaways. Next purchase needs to be a sparkly Les Paul and a Marshall stack.


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