Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vocational Concerns

Hmmm. Should I do that annoying blogger thing and say I had a meeting today that could spell big changes here in Nerverthelessland, but I can't tell you about it yet? Should I tiptoe around the truth? Or should I just come out with it?

Let's just say that I went to a place today where I talked to some people about whether or not a certain skill set that I posses would fit a certain need that they have, and that if they decide that my skill set is indeed the optimal skill set, they might invite me to come to an appointed place on a daily basis and contribute said set of skills to their organization, in return for which they would agree to a sort of bartering system in which monetary compensation, along with considerations for the maintenance of my health and provisions for my future would be exchanged.

Wish me luck.

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