Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've only just now realized that my blog's name, but nevertheless, is a redundant phrase. Like plan ahead, armed gunman, or basic fundamentals. I'm sort of embarrassed about this. Like the time I commented on someone else's blog and as soon as I hit post, I realized I had used the wrong form of your/you're, and couldn't fix it. (I hear that's a hanging offense these days.)

But really, of all of the bad and irresponsible things I do in my life, it seems minor. I rarely floss. I frequently drink more wine than I should. My tires are bald. I swear in front of my kids. I blog at work.

So. But nevertheless? Meh.

(In my defense, I didn't want to call it that anyway. I wanted just plain nevertheless, but that was taken.)


  1. Mine is made up of three prepositions, which is just boring. Boring, redundant, you decide which is worse. Do you swear in front of the kids? I haven't heard it. I called Ezra a "prick" a few weeks ago for accidentally killing me in Lego Star Wars so I wouldn't feel bad.

  2. Yesterday when I couldn't get my key into the ignition, I was like Fuck! (sorry) Shit! (sorry) Fuck you, you piece of shit! (sorry).

  3. When I saw your blog title for the first time I figured you did it on purpose, tongue-in-cheeky. :-)
    Also, my blog title blows and I kind of hate it but it's been that way for too long so I feel stuck with it.

  4. I'd like to claim that it was tongue-in-cheek, but alas, I just wasn't paying attention. In general, my grammatical errors can be attributed to the fact that I just don't have very good grammar.

    However, the phrase "only just now" in this post was deliberate.

  5. I'm the queen of the dangling modifier and the world champion of tense switching.
    Also, I don't give a flying fuck!
    Never change the name of this blog.
    God I sound like Kim Jong-il.

  6. In a completely unrelated matter today on WordGirl the villans name was Lady Redundant Woman.
    No, that is related. I think.

  7. I thought it was one of those two negatives equals a positive kind of thing. Or is it the other way around?

  8. Duf, you be Kim Jong-il, I'll be Lady Redundant Woman and we will conquer the world as an evil vilain duo couple.

    Ry Sal, apparently two negatives make a positive but a conjunction and an adverb make me Lady Redundant Woman.


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