Monday, February 7, 2011


Everyone wants their own private tropical island, right? Some people even talk about it on their blogs. But since there are a finite number of uninhabited tropical islands on the planet and nobody's giving them away, here's what I want instead:

Picture water slides, a jumpy castle and a really long rope swing
I figure there's gotta be a few of these out there that have outlived their usefulness. Maybe BP's trying to unload a couple on craigslist. You pick one of these up cheap, you get yourself a jet ski, and presto! instant tropical getaway. 

But of course, you're going to need cash for upkeep and provisions so you remodel a little. You turn your offshore oil rig into an exclusive fantasy themed hotel. You cater to wealthy William Gibson fans, or people who really liked the movie Waterworld. 

András Gyõrfi's "The Swimming City"

You wouldn't have to get quite this fancy, but you see where I'm going with this right? It could be our own micronation. We'll make a flag and declare war on Antigua.

So. Who's with me? 

I call queen.


  1. hellz yeah i'm with you. i love rope swings! i like to yell "banzai" when i fly out and let go. so liberating.

  2. You are my new god.
    Screw that good for nothing kid of mine, this is the way to go.

  3. People who like Waterworld should be put on some kind of island.

  4. *jumping up and down* Pick me! Pick me!

    Just call me Rufio and we can all scream bangarang.

  5. Did you know that someone has actually done this? Check it out:

    I like your country better though, because Sealand doesn't appear to have a rope swing.

  6. I did know that. I've spent a lot of time planning my seastead and scoping out the competition. But Sealand is lame because, well, they're lame. And it was gutted b fire a few years ago. And now it's for sale, but I don't want it because it's not in the tropics.

  7. BRILLIANT IDEA! Could be like a sea version of Laputa!


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