Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bang Bang. Shoot Shoot.

It's February in Minnesota. And even though the weather this week has been mild (leaving a thick layer of grime on everything as the snow recedes) more cold and snow is hiding behind the next corner waiting to jump out and sucker punch us.

Add the miserable weather to my horrible soul grating job, frustrating house repairs and we are in desperate need of a release.

And so, here's Eric's facebook status from today: 
True love is when your lady gets you a GIFT CERTIFICATE TO THE SHOOTING RANGE for Valentines Day, and it is the BEST PRESENT EVER, and you are NOT EVEN A REDNECK.
That's right, this Saturday, we are going to go pick out a bad ass gun and take turns shooting at one of those torso shaped paper targets.  
And it's going to feel good.


  1. You aren't even my girlfriend and I'm finding this wildly erotic.
    You and I have to shoot guns together someday. Shotguns actually.
    And I mean that in a totally non sexual way. I think.
    High capacity fire arms confuse me.

  2. Sorry, still can't stop giving props to Elizabeth for what I believe might be the best Valentines gift since the invention of the pigs heart wrapped in barbed wire.
    You two NEED to take photos of this one.

  3. Duf, I'll meet you at the top of the Empire State Building in one year on Valentine's day. Bring your shotgun.


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