Friday, February 25, 2011


My parents always called me Beth, but I've been thinking I'd like to jazz it up smidge. 

Wikipedia lists 103 nicknames for Elizabeth. What do you think? Leezbeez? Zabs? Effy?

Wait, Wizzy? Why do I get the feeling that Wikipedia is fucking with me here?


  1. If I had your name I would vote for Zibet--
    unique, easy to spell, meaning dutifully ambiguous, are you a Zen spinoff or a literary reference long obscured by disuse. I like it.
    Wahneta I once knew an excentric woman who went by Lisbet Rogers. Zibet Henderson Hayward. Now there's a moniker.

  2. Yeah, I mean't ecentric
    Wahneta, again

  3. I say go for BUFFY.....Hahaha!

  4. Babette! It sounds like a chick baboon. But, you know, dainty and shit.

  5. Also? Why not @orjustHoneyBadger ?

  6. Maybe I'll log into Wikipedia and update the list of nicknames to include that one.


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