Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit

My mom and I started saying this years and years ago. I don't even know where we got it. But, supposedly,  if you say "rabbit, rabbit" before your feet touch the floor on the morning of the first day of the month, you will have good luck all month.

Wikipedia says I can pretty much say it at any time today and get the same effect. So, here's hoping that February is better than January.

It couldn't really be worse.


  1. That is, without a doubt, the CUTEST bunny EVER! And before I saw the pic, I thought you were all talking (on facebook) about a frog with some sort of speech impediment. lol Love your writing! Just do the best you can, and it's good enough!

  2. Rabbit, rabbit.
    By the way, I won the lottery using this exact same method, but then a coyote devoured the bunny and I lost all my money in a wild spending spree.
    That's too savage.
    The bunny lived happily ever after in a tiny well insulated burrow with her babies and no one ever had another hardship! yay!

  3. It should be even better luck this month, because Thursday is the Chinese New Year, which is the "Year of the Rabbit"

    Of course, they eat rabbits in China, so maybe it's not so lucky.

  4. Mom told me this (on facebook, because for some reason she won't comment on my blog) : I think we heard that Gilda Radnor said her grandma taught her to say it.


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