Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm stumped

I feel like I need a teaching degree to help Lucas with his homework. No, not because the material's over my head.  Because he is alternately extremely stubborn and ridiculously distracted. And he gets frustrated so easily. That boy must. learn. to read.

(He says he'd just as soon not.)


  1. I've found that sometimes its just Me. Gavin works so much better for Dan (my hubby). They can communicate easier and understandable with eachother.
    And I'm the one that works in elementary school with students every week. Hahaha.
    Oh well, whatever works I guess.
    Good Luck. Maybe Eric would get through to him easier?

  2. One of these days I'm going to call in favors from Leatherface and Henry Rollins and have them run homework time around the dufmanno table.
    Yesterday a moth caused all hell to break loose because it needed to be chased, tossed into a cup, and brutally "saved" before anyone could open a freaking book.
    They won't think that's so great once they've been chased by a roaring chainsaw and tied down to have Black Flag tatooed on their asses.


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