Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Song

Kristin Hersh is kind of one of my heroes. I first heard Throwing Muses as a kid, and loved it. I talked about that here. Then she had a solo career. Which was awesome. She tells funny stories between her songs at shows and always has great opening acts. That's where I first heard Andrew Bird and Vic Chesnutt. And she wrote a book. About her music and being bipolar and being a pregnant teenager and recording her first album. It's funny and beautiful. But of all the things she's done, I think I love 50 Foot Wave the best. They have a new song out today.  I love it. It makes my blood feel bubbly.

Go listen to it. It's free to stream or download. 

* I am now ashamed of the quality of writing on this post, but I was all in a tizzy about the awesomeness, and couldn't be bothered to think of better adjectives.


  1. There aren't enough positive descriptive words in Roget's to describe her.
    The Real Ramona is still one of my favs.
    Also Vic Chestnut was a real Athens GA staple when we lived there!

  2. I used descriptive and describe in the same sentence and almost immediately the undead body of my old writing professor knocked on my door with his earth caked fists.

  3. Bah! I used the word love three times and the word funny twice in one little paragraph. Luckily, I have no writing professors, undead or otherwise to give a crap.

  4. yay new throwing muses! and bubbly!


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