Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More about Hair

I'm pretty sure the photo booth application on my macbook is my kids' favorite toy in the world. The second Merry sees me open my computer she is in my lap asking to watch streaming cartoons on Netflix or wanting to take pictures.

But check it out. Remember this post where I told you about her hair pulling and resulting baldness? Look at that. A head full of hair and she even let me put pony tails in it for a couple hours. Unfortunately, since she's nearly four years old and has been bald up until a few months ago, the feeling of anything in her hair is too weird for her and she won't leave them in. But still, yay! Hair.

Is my daughter cross-eyed?
And that's me and my practice bangs behind her.


  1. Agreed - she is adorable. And I vote for bangs! I got em a few months ago and love them. They make me look more put together than I really am.

  2. Thanks Erin. I'm pushing hard for the bangs.

  3. As for Merry, this little girls thing is completely new to me. Seeing her in the pigtails was just about the cutest possible thing.

  4. Bangs are serious business... But I think this picture answers the question... How could you not get them!

  5. I made an appointment with my hair lady. If she thinks she can cut it so my cowlick doesn't take over, I'm gonna do it.


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