Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free, to a Good Home

Dad died suddenly Tuesday evening. He and his wife lived a few hours north of me, and I feel a little at a loss for things to do to help with planning and details from here.

To that end, my brother and I have taken on the task of  relocating some of Dad's superfluous pets. The giant tank full of aquarium fish and the turtles shouldn't be too big of a problem. Most pet stores will take them, I hear. But what do we do with Grumpy, Dad's seven foot long adult alligator?

Too bad it's not like the time he got tired of having a dog kennel full of flying squirrels. It's not like we can just open the door to Grumpy's solarium and wish him luck in the world.


  1. I just envisioned myself riding Grumpy into a room full of people I don't like while wearing a long royal looking cape. Then I remembered that only happens in make believe world where I spend so much time.
    Hope you are doing okay, and that turtes, fish and even Alligator find a happy home.

  2. If I wasn't so afraid of him, I would take him to the Mall of America and set him loose. I'm sure he would thrive there.

  3. Hi Elizabeth-I'm sorry for your loss. Any of the zoos accepting donations? I did read where China has a shortage of alligators but I'm guessing you don't just put an alligator on a plane to China. Then again, it would make an interesting Indie flick.

  4. The problem is that Grumpy is currently in a house in Northern Minnesota and none of the local zoos have a habitat in which to stick an alligator. Further away ones might have the room, but how do we get him there?

    Dad used to joke about how we were going to be stuck with him when he died. And here we are.


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