Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Blog Flu

I think I'm finally coming down with the virus that's been making its way through all the blogs I read lately, so I'm tucking myself into bed with my vodka spiked Emergen-C and a DVD of the new PBS Sherlock series.

Think healthy thoughts for me, I don't have any sick days.


  1. Oh crap, sorry.
    I found that a fourteen hours sleep plus Tylenol helped a little.
    I hope you wake up and can run a marathon.

  2. This post makes you sound like a bachelorette. Guys, there was also a boyfriend tucked in there as well. And a pit bull.

  3. You aren't going to watch that monstrosity that was Jude Law and Robert Downey instead? But truth be told? I want to hump Downey's face. Yum.

  4. Funny story - Whenever my kids see Robert Downey Jr on TV they say, "Is that Eric?" And he does kind of look like him. So if you think about it that way....


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