Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My boyfriend Eric is from Long Island, and although he has a slight accent, mostly you don't notice it. Except when he reads to the kids. Then Yurtle the Turtle is a Port Jefferson used car salesman and the little turtle named Mack is a Jewish grandmother.


  1. YES! People from the Island ROCK the accent.
    My Nana was born in Italy but learned English in The Bronx. To hear her yell was a beautiful thing unless she was throwing the scotch bottle at the same time. Then you just ran and hid.

  2. Holy crap that picture! I feel a weird stirring in my uterus. Quick, hand me the tequila so I can wash it away!

  3. I know, right? I have to wear a chastity belt around the house when I'm ovulating so we don't end up with more than the four we already have.

  4. I think a hint of the voice Elizabeth mentions comes from my own Italian grandmother who also lived in the Bronx. Ellie, see your most recent comment about "running against [your] vagina" for insight into what it's like dealing with a chastity belt.


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