Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the Beginning (I was drinking when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray)

Two years ago today. I was talking on the phone with a dude with a funny New York accent. We over shared. (He says I over shared. I do that. Even more in person than here on this blog.) We agreed to meet for lunch. Lunch is safe, right? I didn't know if I wanted to get mixed up with a guy with a weird East Coast accent. I had been on a string of very bad dates and my deal breakers had become odd and arbitrary.

See, we had hooked up through an online dating service. That's how you meet people when you're in the latter half of your thirties, and newly single, in case you were wondering. So. This is how it started. And somehow it has turned into a marathon blogging nightmare. Nights like this. All the kids. Arguments about who peed all over the seat. A couple glasses of wine. And now I have to write.


  1. Yes, if I was searching for words to describe our relationship, with all the laughing and sharing and loving, I'd also choose the words "marathon blogging nightmare." Nice, babe.

  2. Ha! Best comment ever.
    My husband just substitutes two other words for "marathon blogging" but he likes to keep the "nightmare" part when describing our many adventures together.

  3. Where would we all be without our adventurous nightmares?


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