Thursday, December 2, 2010


Trying to pry myself out of this December funk, I returned, tail between my legs, to my you tube yoga routine tonight.

It's an easy tell. If my life is out of balance emotionally, I am physically out of balance as well  - I try to stand in warrior pose, and I tip over like a toppled redwood. I climb back up cursing at poor Sandie the Yogi and fall right down on my face again.

On my good days, I can power through this routine, breathing rhythmically, muscles shaky but strong. Today, I tumbled over repeatedly, hands slipping on the floor, head spinning, static crackling in my hair.

The only mercy - my internet connection is wonky tonight and I had to pause and re-load it several times, giving me breaks to find my bearings and breathe.

If only I could hit refresh in real life too.


  1. Man, everyone fell into the post holiday ditch, myself included.
    Perhaps a little yoga is in order for me too.


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