Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Basement

Tara suggested I take a picture of the basement to prove it's hideousness and to ask your advice. I will gladly post a picture, but I suck at taking advice. Seriously, ask Eric. I always ask for advice and then do whatever stupid thing I had already decided to do anyway.

I don't think we'll do much right away besides paint. I'm thinking something in the dove gray family. Then we'll save our money up and buy one of those big Ikea corner couches and an entertainment center. And then someday when the kids aren't home, we'll throw all their crap away.

lots of unused, broken, plastic crap

the asshole Wii that called me fat
the boys' homage to war. maybe this is what's damaging my calm?

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  1. I tried out what I believed would be a calming grey color in my living room three years ago. Now every time I enter I get the bone chilling sensation that I've entered into a gunmetal colorless void where I'll be forced to search in vain for any sort of warmth or life.
    It's like a slightly less menacing version of an ice queen's lair, minus armed guards and snow warlock.
    So I guess my point here is go with warm tones.
    Our basement has two busted windows and a wall pockmarked with hockey puck holes thanks to the boys indoor stick and puck shenanigans.


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