Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lake Michigan

Lucas, Merry and I drove down to Indiana last weekend. The first time I've been back since I've had kids. We went for a family reunion, which was great, even though I don't think it sank in for either of the kids that all those people that they saw there were their family. Someday.

The one thing I insisted we do while we were there was go to the lake. I've always loved Lake Michigan, and although now I live in the land of 10,000 Lakes, there's not one in Minnesota that can even compare. As a kid, there was never anywhere that I would rather be than at the beach. Even in my sunlight shunning teen goth days, I would go there during thunderstorms, at night, in winter...

But on a sunny day....

Merry insisted on wearing her water wings, even though she refused to go in the water until right before we left, at which point, she took them off and tried to drown herself. She collected rocks and dug in the sand with Grandma.

Lucas, on the other hand, is quite a swimmer (not to mention dancer.)  He learned to skip stones, harassed the seagulls, and dove under the waves. We dog paddled side by side up and down the beach for an hour.


  1. So cute --- Lucas has either become a raver or been spying on the tai chi.

  2. Could not agree more. I am a total beach snob because of Lake Michigan. When we were in LP for Grandma's funeral, I dragged Sean up there twice even though it was November and miserably cold. It made me feel better somehow.

  3. I believe I did the same when I was there when Grandpa died.


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