Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stream of 5-year-old consciousness

Lucas walks in the door, home from his dad's house. The TV is on. 
Lucas: I like this show. What is it? What's that thing? Is that a robot? Why are they doing that? Who's that guy? What's going to happen? How did they do that? What's that smell? What's for dinner?
And wanders away.


  1. I catch up on your writings every now and then. Tonight I have a pile of papers I MUST grade so now seemed like a good time to read your stories. Thank you! They always bring me a smile. I smiled and cried at the Lucas story - I am really glad he is part of the family. If he ever wonders about family - tell him he is loved by all of us.

    (Posted by Stephanie under Dave's account.)


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