Monday, May 2, 2011

My Weekend

It was a busy weekend, with Eric going to World Tai Chi day event on Saturday morning while I busily parked myself on the couch with a book, and then attending a benefit that evening where he was singing with his band. Which? Leave it to me to not realize until an hour before we left that benefits are generally fancy affairs. People pay $75 for a ticket to a party and they are going to use that as an excuse to dress the fuck up. I was underdressed. But Eric had the ladies flashing their hoohaws at him by evening's end. My boyfriend's such a rockstar.

Sunday, Eric dragged me to the May Day parade. I generally avoid these events. I'm a little too cynical to really throw myself into the spirit of hippies cramming their political message down my throat with puppets, especially since we sat on the curb for over three hours in 35 degree weather. But there were highlights (the dogs) and I ended up enjoying it in spite of myself. Eric posted a bunch of pictures.

Everybody think good thoughts for me, please. I had another one of those things which must not be named on the internet on Friday and OMG. I. want. it.


  1. At least it was windy, so you couldn't smell them. I'd hate to go to a creepy hippie parade on a humid July day.

  2. You're so good to me hon. I hope you get that thing!

  3. Puppets have a way of clawing their way into your brain so I hope the hippie politics were at least mildy entertaining.
    Next year they should mix alcohol, mimes and an Amish farmers market.
    Imagine the possibilites.
    Boyfriends in bands rock until you have to scrape the groupie barnacles from around his neck.
    They are REALLY hard to detach!


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