Monday, April 11, 2011


Despite the forlorn look on her face, she was actually thrilled with her new gun (and the watch, and the shoes.)

Her big brother was very very jealous and kept trying to trick her into giving him the gun.


  1. That girl already knows how to accessorize.

  2. I love those shoes.
    Too bad I have old lady ham hock feet now.
    Sigh, I miss youth.

  3. I think it's important to always coordinate your firearms with your ensemble. Anything else is poppy cock.

  4. Agreed. Also? Her holster is nearly as awesome as her gun.

  5. Explain to her that she should revel in those sandals before she gets older and ends up with size 10 1/2 narrow feet. Like I did.

    Nowadays, every time I look down at my feet in sandals, I can only think of battleships and cry. But I'm pushing 50 so lots of stuff makes me cry these days.

  6. LOVE the picture....she is such a doll!
    Great gifts! What more could any girl ask for....fancy shoes, shiny new watch, and a SUPER AWESOME GUN! hehehe


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