Monday, April 25, 2011

Dyngus Day

It's a thing. Really.

It's the Polish* celebration of Easter Monday. Something about pouring water on the girl of your fancy and then smacking her with a stick.

It's a big deal where I'm from in Indiana. But it's more about eating sausage and drinking beer than assault there.

*I come from a long line of people with last names containing lots of consonants. Especially Zs.


  1. Where I come from, you just don't beat Polish girls with any old stick. It's important that it be a branch from the Pussy Willow.

    Also, if you whack a girl on the butt with one, she has to give you a kiss.


  3. I. Um. And y'all think southerners are weird. Sheesh.

  4. Wait did I read that wrong, you throw beer on them and hit them with sausages?


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