Thursday, April 21, 2011

B is for Ballsy?

Screw Easter resolutions. I figured out the ultimate way to veer out of the rut that I have been stuck in.

I will become a different person. And it's as easy as one simple email to my lawyer. I am no longer Elizabeth H, I am Elizabeth B. While Elizabeth H was prone to daydreaming, staring into the middle-distance and boredom snacking, Elizabeth B is whip smart, perky and go getter. Watch out for Elizabeth B, she's going places.

It's true that this name isn't entirely new to me, but I was 23 years old the last time I was her, and I aim to reclaim all her youth and potential. (It'd be super nice if I could reclaim her dress size while I was at it.)


  1. I'm sure Elizabeth B will spend a lot of time correcting the pronunciation of her name, but I hear this is a great way to weed out telemarketers, so really that is just another benefit!

  2. Congratulations! Nice to meet you Elizabeth B.

  3. Bitchin'. Bodacious. Bad ass. Brilliant. Buoyant?


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