Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Class of 90

Next weekend is my would-have-been 20 year high school reunion. That is, the school that I attended until I was 15 is having its reunion. The school I graduated from is either not having a reunion, or I am not invited. The latter being more likely, since I had a hard time convincing people that I graduated with that they had ever even seen me before, much less attended classes with me.

Me: We went to school together.

A guy I went to school with: uh.....

Me: No really, I think we were even in the same trig class.

The guy: um.... No, I don't think....

Me: I was the one with pink hair.

Guy: oh, yeah. sure...  (long pause)... You graduated?

So, through the magic of the internet, I happen to know that the class that I didn't graduate with is throwing a party next weekend. Um, at his house. And even though I probably don't really belong there, I believe I will attend. Because I have skipped too many rights of passage in my life, and darned if I'm gonna miss another one. Besides, it's a great reason to go visit my brother for the weekend.


  1. Did you graduate from LPHS? I seem to remember having a babysitter years ago who remembered you. I have no idea how this even came up, but I think her name was Joanna something.

    My own ten-year reunion was last summer. I didn't go. Partly because we spent all our vacation time and money visiting Auntie J in Zanzibar, and partly because (in the words of one of my favorite TV characters) I don't miss any of those people yet, and I don't think that's a problem time can solve.

  2. Yes. LaPorte. It's hard to get too nostalgic about a school where the wrestling team carries around baseball bats.

  3. HA! I paid as little attention to the wrestling team as possible (I think I was a junior before I even knew there was one) so I never noticed that.


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