Thursday, February 25, 2010


Eric and I both share custody of our kids with our exes and we each have different kid schedules. So every week is a mixed up jumble of some of our kids, all of our kids, none of our kids. But every other weekend the planets align and we have an adult only weekend - a weekend in which we try to accomplish all things that are a pain in the ass to do with kids in tow.  This past weekend was one of those weekends.

Things that were accomplished:
1. We bought a new (used) camera. This one will not, I repeat will not, suffer the same death as the last one: a horrible drowning in blue Gatorade at the bottom of a diaper bag. It's by far the nicest camera I've ever owned, too nice to even put in a diaper bag. It has its own case. Also, it is our first major purchase together. Looking forward to having some time to figure out how to work it. So far all I've managed is some shots of the kids on auto - but even those look great.

I'm remembering that I took a photography class in college where I learned all about F- stops and shutter speeds, I retained about as much of that as I did of 9th grade algebra.

2. We painted the Ikea bunk bed that we got for Eric's boys. A great orange that looks just right with the summer sky blue and fire engine red that we painted their room on our last adult weekend. It's exciting to be making progress on their room. And they love it.

3. Major Trader Joe's grocery shopping trip. So cute how Eric gets all psyched about things like having breakfast and lunch fixings for his kids at my house. It's the little things like this that help us feel like we're starting our life together, mashing our two families into one.

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  1. Awesome. Please post a picture of your new camera.


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