Monday, February 8, 2010

I obey.

me: sometimes i think that you and i will get old and our kids will try to put us away in a home because they'll think we're nuts. but it will just be us cracking each other up with 40 years worth of inside jokes.

Eric: babe the things you say in these little chat windows you should save

me: you mean for posterity?

Eric: for your blog dummy.
yeah i know, i know. i called you dummy. you probably wanna stab me right now.
but i love you, dummy.

me: nah. dummy doesn't bother me.
because nobody calls you a dummy when they really think you're stupid.

Eric: my grandma did

me: dummy is saved for teasing.
i would be mad if you called me, say, a shit for brains ass clown. or a useless fucktard, or stupid crack whore. i bet your grandma never called you that.

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