Monday, March 1, 2010


I just changed the font of the text of my blog. Know why? Because I remembered that I absolutely love the shape of a lower case old-fashioned typewriter g.
see that?


Isn't it beautiful?  All curvy and seductive. With the little serif sticking up off the top, like a jaunty hat, or a playful salute?


Happy Monday. And I have a whole lot of other things I want to talk about this week. But right now I need to finish up work, haul home my giant box of Girl Scout Cookies ( I swear I bought enough to last all year) then run out again to grab a gift for my friend Aleks and meet her for her birthday dinner at Cafe Maude. Happy Birthday Aleks!

Oh, and speaking of Aleks. I'll give you a little preview of one of the things I want to talk about soon. I've mentioned that I do flowers for weddings, right? Aleks and Derek got married this summer and I did their flowers.

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