Thursday, June 2, 2011


There are things I could write about. Goings-on. But I am feeling uninspired and listless. And we all know that the only cure for listlessness is to add more list. Listfullness.

1. Eric and I went on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to The Badlands and Deadwood and The Blackhills. It was majestic and campy and fun. We each gained five pounds on the trip because all there is to eat in South Dakota is beef.

2. So You Think You Can Dance is back on. Equal parts cringey and cry-y. I cannot look away.

3. I am job hunting again. Interviewing with a giant corporatey corporation with a twelve step interview process. Is this a job I even want?

4. I had a meeting at Lucas's school at which I was told that Lucas is very smart, and sweet, with a high IQ, but he's way behind in school because he cannot sit still or pay attention and words like behavioral therapy and medication were tossed around quite a bit. Because the universe has decided that having one eccentrically non-conformist child was just not enough for me.

5. Eric and I will be off again next week to a wedding of a high school friend of his in Laredo, Texas. I have a funny story about the last time I was in Laredo. The time when I was 21 and my mom and I had gone on a road trip to visit friends in Mexico and when we were coming back across the border at Laredo, we got stopped by border patrol and our car was searched and then the drug sniffing dog went ballistic in it and they couldn't find anything even after they dismantled half the car and did body searches on Mom and me. Because there was nothing to find. Honest. But I always thought the funniest part of the whole thing was when the lady guard was feeling me up looking for - for whatever she was looking for - she said, "You're not wearing a bra?!!" Like she was totally scandalized at my impropriety and wantonness.

6. My home internet has been out since all those storms hit Minneapolis last week and knocked our power out for a few minutes and I spent a very long time on the phone last night with Comcast who then transferred me to Buffalo, the manufacturer of my router and after another very long time on the phone with them restarting my computer and reconfiguring my router, I was suddenly disconnected. And I couldn't call them back because I had been transferred to them by Comcast and I was irrationally super mad. And also? Why do IT people never know anything about Macs?

7. I am doing the flowers for a wedding in a few weeks. Something I'm normally really into. But with all the other stuff going on right now I haven't planned anything for it yet. The bride is probably totally stressed and thinking that I am going to flake out on her. I'm not. It will be awesome. This is something that I am good at. I just also happen to be excellent at procrastination.



    Your Fans

  2. Ok, but only because you asked so nicely.

  3. 2. SYTYCD is te best show. Ever. The end.
    4. Fuck that. If I was a student in your son's class I bet I couldn't sit still and listen for an hour either. He's a KID for goodness' sake. My baby sister got put on Ritalin when she was young, inappropriately, and has been stuck with it ever since. She is now 26 and borderline anorexic but her doctor thinks everything is just fine.


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