Thursday, June 9, 2011

Listfullness part 2

My thoughts are scattered. I will dump some more of them here for you in hopes that they congeal.

1. We're leaving for Texas tomorrow and I have just developed a nice shiny new head cold/allergy that should make that whole air pressure-ear popping adventure a treat.

2. I am wearing strappy gold sandals to the wedding on Saturday which will look awesome with my hippie walking shoe tan lines I've been working on all spring. I hope to draw attention away from what looks like the cover of Def Leppard Trapper Keeper design by painting my toenails this color.

It's from their Texas color line. So... duh.
3. I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately. Father's day is coming up, as is his birthday. I used to always feel put upon that I had to get him two gifts in one week. He was a total kid about presents and would pout if he didn't get something for every occasion. Even though he often forgot my birthday and tried to sneak in a belated "This is your birthday/Christmas present" thing. His brothers and sisters are planning a reunion in Tacoma this summer. I want to go. I don't know if my bank account can swing it.

4. I've jumped through four of the hoops to get that corporatey corporate job that I was telling you about.

5. Have I ever told you how much I hate to fly? With the pressure of being the queen of following rules to the letter to the point of ridiculousness so that I don't get stopped by security and holding the airplane in the air with the power of my clenched butt cheeks and Hail Marys, it's exhausting.

6. I am allergic to sunscreen.

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  1. "holding the airplane in the air with the power of my clenched butt cheeks and Hail Marys"

    OK, that line just made me snort coffee. Have a good trip. I hope it's not too blasted hot down there.


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