Monday, April 5, 2010

A Wild Pack of Family Dogs

Our most recent milestone: Eric's dog, Cassie (for whom I have decided that Cassandra Louise is a better fitting name) spent the weekend with us.

This is momentous only because there was a time when my two bratty dogs would have tried to eat her. But, since they are now ancient, arthritic and/or sickly, all Lydia could muster was a half-hearted attempt to munch on her big poofy neck when first meeting her. I think she may have just been thrown off by all that hair. In fact, my once fearless, dominant, tenacious pit bulls only really noticed that there was a big hairy collie in the house when she plunked herself down for a nap in their path. Lydia woke me up crying in the middle of the night because Cassie had decided to sleep right at the top of the bedroom stairs and she couldn't figure out how to get through.

Still, as calm and well-behaved as they all were it was like being knee-deep in a pack of dogs all weekend.

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