Friday, January 29, 2010

But here's something.

So, I've got this great boyfriend, his name is Eric. We're head over heels. We've been together for about fourteen months and we'd really like to move in together. And here's where that gets interesting: he has two sons, 9 and 6, and a collie. I have a son, 5, and a daughter, 2, and two pit bulls.

Of our two houses, mine is a little bigger and it has a finished basement, a yard and a garage. His is in a better location and is a cooler, but has no yard. So it looks like we'll all be squeezing into my house.

Currently, my house has three bedrooms and one bathroom, which seemed palatial when I bought it, since I share custody of my kids with their dad and I had the whole place to myself half the time. But now it seems so small, so cramped, so... chaotic. But we are determined to make this work. We will fix up half of the finished basement into a room for his boys and someday (hopefully soon) we will look into what it would take to add a half bath down there too.

We will be up to our eyeballs in toy ships and action figures and love.

So this is the beginning of our story. Follow along to see how we deal with things like "little boy toilet" and "which dog (or child) ate the loaf of bread off the kitchen counter"...

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